Saturday, 2 November 2013

The performance of 1 mcxFEE

There seems to be some controversy sorrounding the exchange mcxNOW. Some people consider it a scam and are sure that RealSolid, its owner, will eventually run away with the money. Others say its poised to become the most important cryptocurrency exchange of the world. The first can't prove what they state and the second can't guess the future.

I'm going to find out by myself. I'm going to buy one mcxFEE and track its performance on this blog. If the haters are right, I might lose the 0,4฿ it costs (and I can afford it). If the shills are the ones who get it right, I could be making some money in the long run. Either way, I hope to gain some knowledge about how markets work with this little adventure.

Let's get started!

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